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Charcoal kiln UMT – 3 PLUS

Productivity 38-50 tons per month

Width -depth –height  

5960 х 2720 x 2700 mm (without chimneys)

The diameter of the retort is 2130 mm

Weight 13 500 kg

Guarantee – 24 months

Terms of manufacturing – 45 workdays


Price on terms FCA Rovno, Ukraine

The charcoal kiln “UMT-3 PLUS” has all the unique qualities installations series "UMT".

But in this model we have provided not only enhanced constructive protection from the so-called "human factor", but also we have  developed an automatic protection that  works completely offline. It allows to reduce in several times the risk of equipment damage from negligence of employees and increase productivity. Now the minimum capacity of this charcoal kiln is 38 tons per month using wet  wood.

Also it’s possible to burn  all kinds of fuel briquettes  such as "Pini Key" and "Nestro" into charcoal briquettes  The productivity of the briquette is 100-120 tons / month


1.      Increased productivity  38-50 tons per moth for charcoal and 100-120 tons per month per briquettes

2.      Automatic protection from extreme temperatures, works completely offline

3.      The high quantitative and qualitative characteristics of charcoal and briquette. The ratio of wood to charcoal is 5.1m3 per 1 ton of charcoal

4.      Low operating costs. The equipment serves one person whether it is a single installation, two or three.

5.      Works on its own gas. Power consumption is 20 W/hour

6.      Quick and easy unloading of finished products and  loading of  raw materials in the retort -  up to 5 minutes

7.       Mobility. Charcoal kilns  can be moved if it’s  necessary.

8.      Work without repairs. We give a guarantee for two years. Minimum terms for work without repair - 5 years

9.      Environmental cleanliness. No emissions into the atmosphere either before or after or during the  production process

10.  Extended range of plug-ins for the selection of excess heat - a wood drying, hot water boilers, waste incineration.

11.  Low cost of equipment. Taking into account the calculation of the cost of a ton of charcoal produced per year, the price of charcoal kiln is the lowest in the world market.

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