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Width -depth –height 3760x1780x2100 mm (without chimneys)

Diameter of the retorts 1200 mm

Weight 4000 kg

Productivity till 20 tons per month

Price on terms FCA Rovno, Ukraine 

Guarantee – 24 months 

Terms of manufacturing – 21 workdays

The charcoal kiln

“FARMER STANDARD PLUS ” is designed for small farmings. Productivity – till 20 tons per month. Mode of operation is continuous. Heating wood - pyrolysis.

Its advantage before the rest of the equipment of this focus is:

  • high productivity

  • automatic protection from extreme temperatures, works completely offline

  • the ratio of wood to charcoal is 4.7 / 1. This means that 4.7 m3 of hard wood = 1 ton of high quality charcoal. This indicator does not give any one of the famous charcoal kilns.

  • no emissions to the atmosphere. High environmental safety allows to arrange this charcoal kiln anywhere.

  • the minimum staff - 1 person.

GUARANTEE 2 YEAR of continuous operation. We are assured our equipment.

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