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Charcoal equipment
Charcoal kilns
Charcoal kilns
Charcoal making machine
Charcoal making machine
Charcoal making equipment

For the present days the market of the charcoal equipment has a wide range of offers with different prices and capacity.

But all of them have many disadvantages, starting with low productivity and high operating costs and ending with ecological danger.

Equipment for the charcoal production made by our company, has been working for more than five years, deprived of all these shortcomings, but also has a number of advantages, namely:

1. High productivity. One installation produces from 1 to 3.3 tons of charcoal per day.

2. High quantitative and qualitative indicators of charcoal

3. Low operating costs. The equipment serves one person, whether it is a single installation, two or three. No electricity.

4. Quick and easy unloading of finished products and loading of raw materials in the retort - up to 5 minutes

5. Mobility. Installations can be moved if necessary.

6. Work without repairs. We give a guarantee of two years

7. Low cost installations. Installation costs taking into account the calculation of the cost of a ton of charcoal produced per year, the lowest in the world market.

8. The main advantage of our equipment -

                                                           ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY

Charcoal production on our equipment does not poison the atmosphere and does not harm nature, as there are no emissions of degradation products of wood


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