"IMPEX TRADING PRODUCTION" LLC –Ukrainian manufacturer of equipment for charcoal production.

Every type of the charcoal production equipment developed by our company has a practical embodiment and is tested on a full cycle of our production facilities.

We manufacture the charcoal kilns and use them in our charcoal production activities

These days the specialists of our company developed a prototype of a mobile charcoal made complex based on UMT 3S with a capacity of 80-100 tons per month. Now we do not need to transport raw materials for production, now production follows raw materials.

Also we have created the modular power station (MPS) - power of 500 kW/ h based UMT 3 PLUS

Benefits of producing electricity with our charcoal kilns:

The modularity of structures does not require large capital investments in capital construction

●The possibility of increasing electricity production by adding modules of ORC-turbines and UMT 3 PLUS

●Low cost of the project compared to other energy-generating technologies

●Zero cost of electricity received due to the lack of costs for energy required for rotation of the generator turbine

02000,Kiev,Ukraine, impextreiding@gmail.com, +38 050 4416313

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