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The charcoal kiln


with water-heating boiler power - 200 kW

Width -depth –height

(withouthimney-stacks and boiler)

3760x1780x2100 mm 

Diameter of the retorts 1200 mm

Boiler – 170 l

Boiler power  -200 kW

Weight 4400 kg

Productivity 16-20 tons per month

Price on terms FCA Rovno, Ukraine

Guarantee – 24 months 

Terms of manufacturing – 21 workdays

The charcoal kiln “FARMER STANDARD PLUS-K» is an analogue of  «FERMER STANDARD PLUS» with small additions.

It has a built-in water heating boiler which produces more than 200 kW of water heating capacity. 

Now it's not just a charcoal kiln, now it's a mini-boiler house that works on excess heat and gas in the production of charcoal.

You do not need to spend more on heating. On heating your premises you can now earn.       

At the same time due to the new heat distribution scheme the productivity increased by 15-20%.

Now it is 16-20 tons per month.

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