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Сборка УМТ 4 фото.JPG

"UMT 4" is a new model created by the designers of our company.

"UMT 4" was created as an intermediate model between UMT "Farmer Standard" models with a capacity of 18-20 tons / month and “UMT 3”  with a capacity of 38-40 tons / month

The productivity of the novelty is 28-30 tons/month on freshly cut wood.

The design of "UMT 4" is based on the best developments of our modular charcoal kilns. The use of proven technologies and new heat-resistant materials in "UMT 4" has reduced its final cost without compromising the reliability of the equipment. The cost of this model is much lower than other models in relation to the produced charcoal. 

The cost of "UMT 4" per ton of produced charcoal per month is $850. No one in the world has such indicators. Combined with the reliability of our equipment proved by a 2 year warranty, this equipment is an excellent choice for small businesses

The charcoal kiln  “UMT -4"  

Productivity 28-30 tons per month

Width -depth –height   1990 х 4250 x 2050 mm (without chimneys)

The diameter of the retort is 1500 mm

Weight 3 800 kg

Guarantee – 24 months

Terms of manufacturing – 45 workdays

Price on terms of FCA Kostopol, Ukraine

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