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Charcoal furnace "UMT  EcoTeploOtbor" allows  to select the excess heat obtained in the production of charcoal, for production needs where a large amount of thermal energy is required.

The maximum power is 600-800 kW /h with active pyrolysis, the rated power is 300-400 kW / h

All control processes are fully automated, including fuel supply, which minimizes the influence of the human factor on the operation of equipment

The charcoal kiln

“UMT  EcoTeploOtbor” 

Productivity 36-44 tons per month

Width -depth –height   5960 х 2720 x 2700 mm (without chimneys)

The diameter of the retort is 2130 mm

Boiler  950x950, height 4.0 м

Weight 15 000 kg

Guarantee – 24 months

Terms of manufacturing – 45 workdays

Price on terms of FCA Kostopol, Ukraine

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