Charcoal kiln UMT – 5

Productivity - 80-100  tons per month

UMT-5 module dimensions

Width -depth –height   5960х2720x2700 mm (without chimneys)

The diameter of the retort is 2130 mm

Weight – 14 000 kg

Drying chambers’ dimensions

7250х2250х3100 mm

Weight – 3 000 kg


Total length (assembled)- 21 500 mm

Total weight – 20 000 kg

Productivity – more than 80  tons per month

Guarantee – 24 months

Terms of manufacturing – 45 workdays

Price on terms FCA Kostopol, Ukraine


                  92 000 $ - UMT 5


                101 000 $ - UMT 5v1

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The charcoal kiln “UMT - 5” – NEW! 


Charcoal kiln UMT-5  is the  novelty in the series of our installations.

 The charcoal  kiln UMT 5 consists of the  main module and two drying chambers with the  capacity of 12 m3 of wood each, into the furnaces of which an excess of pyrolysis gas is released during the pyrolysis of wood. The wood is dried at a temperature of 140 ° C, that make possible significantly reduce its moisture content in 18-20 hours. As a result, the cycle (time from loading to unloading from the retort) charcoal production is 08-10 hours. The output of charcoal from each tanks is 620-650 kg. Due to this, the productivity of  the  charcoal kiln UMT 5 is more than 80 tons of charcoal per month.

The capacity of the drying chambers allows to dry the wood
not only for UMT 5 but also for other purposes. But that is not all. The design of UMT 5 allows in addition to
drying to build a boiler for hot water with a capacity of 400-500 kW.
The charcoal kiln UMT-5 as well as the UMT-3 PLUS is fully automated 

The charcoal kiln “UMT 5v1” – NEW!

The charcoal kiln UMT-5v1 differs from the UMT 5 in the volume of drying chambers and in an
increased extraction of pyrolysis gas to the drying chambers, which allows drying 15 m3 of wood in each
chamber. This installation is suitable for wood with a moisture content of more than 50% and soft
species, as well as for industries that harvest dry firewood for the fireplace.
The productivity of UMT-5v1 is 85-100 tons of charcoal per month
Price on terms FCA Kostopol, Ukraine