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The modular power station (MPS)
 Power of 500 kW/ hour  based UMT 3 PLUS

Technology for the production of electricity from UMT 3 PLUS

•Thermal energy received during the pyrolysis combustion excess, is routed to generate electricity.

•The cost of electricity received using UMT 3 PLUS is almost ZERO. The cost of generating the energy needed to rotate the turbine is offset by the sale of charcoal, with additional revenue covering operating costs

•The world produces more than 11 million tons of charcoal annually

• At the same time, tens of millions of cubic meters of unburned pyrolysis gas are emitted  into the atmosphere, polluting it

• In UMT 3 PLUS, all excess pyrolysis gas is burned in the secondary fire without harming     the environment.


The main components of the MPS 

 capacity of 4.38 million Kw h / year

Calculation of the cost of electricity received


▶ installations

▶ORC turbine

▶250 kW * 2

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