Charcoal kilns

Charcoal making machine

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Dear Sir,

On our site you can  find the best equipment for the charcoal production

We manufacture the charcoal kilns of different capacity - from 20 tons per month to more than 100 tons per month.


Each kiln produced by our company is a masterpiece of engineering and has no analogues in the world.

"IMPEX TRADING PRODUCTION" LLC –Ukrainian manufacturer of equipment for charcoal production as well as the associated production of hot water and steam for heating and other industrial needs.


For present  days  our company has no equal in the assortment or reliability of our charcoal  furnaces.

This confirms the equipment catalog on our website.

Based on the reliability of our equipment for the production of charcoal, our company is the first, and so far the only in the world,  provides  the guarantee for our equipment for a period of 2 years. 

In the immediate plans to increase this period to 3 years.

The charcoal kilns produced by our company are highly reliable, highly productive and environmentally friendly.

Each new model, before put out to the sale, undergoes lengthy testing in our production in the most severe conditions. And only after the successful completion of testing, we offer new equipment to the buyers.  If you decide to start the  business for the production of charcoal - then only with our equipment you will receive the highest possible income and pleasure from the business 

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Charcoal kilns